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things your deceased pet wants you to know

The loss of a beloved pet can be devastating and bring about intense grief. But it is important to remember that your pet lives on in spirit, watching over you from the other side. As we grieve, there are many things our deceased pet wants us to know – which can provide comfort and guidance throughout this difficult process.

Remembering All The Good Times
It’s easy to focus on all the moments you wish had been different or better during your pet’s lifetime, but it’s just as important to remember all the good times together. Think back to happy memories spent playing in the park, cuddling up at home and being each other’s loyal companion – these will forever remain treasured memories in your heart.

Your Pet Is Always With You In Spirit
When someone close to us dies, it can feel like they have gone away for good. However, what most people don’t realize is that their loved one still exists in an energy form. Your beloved pet may no longer be physically here with you, but their presence remains and can even be felt in special moments when you least expect it. Allow yourself to accept this spiritual connection and find comfort in knowing that your pet is always with you.

Understanding What They Wanted To Tell Us Before Passing Away
Sometimes our pets may leave us too soon without telling us what we needed to hear before saying goodbye. Maybe they were trying to show us something or tell us something significant – maybe they were simply teaching us how to live in the present moment and cherish life more deeply. Try to open your heart and explore these feelings in order to gain a greater understanding of what your pet wanted you to know.

Seeing Signs Of Their Presence Everywhere
One way of keeping your pet’s memory alive is to look out for signs of their presence everywhere. Whether it’s a meaningful song on the radio, seeing a feather by chance or discovering an unexpected photo of them, these little reminders can help ease the pain of their absence and give you hope that they are still around in some way.

Expressing Gratitude For Their Life & Love
No matter how long or short your pet was in your life, make sure to express gratitude for the time you shared together and for all the love they gave you. This could involve writing a letter or creating a memorial for them where you can come to reflect on the amazing bond you shared.

Cherishing Special Memories & Celebrating Them On Special Days
As well as expressing gratitude for all the wonderful memories, it is also important to celebrate those memories on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Doing so will keep their memory alive while providing closure and healing at the same time.

Remaining Open To Receive Guidance From Beyond
If we keep our hearts open and allow ourselves to receive messages from beyond, we can often discover newfound strength and insight into our life journey that we would never have found otherwise. When we listen closely, our deceased pets may even provide words of wisdom or direction towards fulfilling our purpose here on Earth.

Creating A Legacy In Honor Of Our Pets
Our beloved pets were very much part of our lives and now that they have passed, it’s important to honor them in any way possible. Consider creating a lasting legacy such as setting up a fund or charity in their name or dedicating a book or artwork in their memory. It doesn’t have to be anything big – small gestures count too!

Listening To Advice That Will Lead Us To Our Soulmate Pet
things your deceased pet wants you to know
Sometimes after losing a beloved pet, we might not be ready to open our hearts again for fear of feeling hurt once more. But if we pay attention to the advice we receive, we may eventually stumble upon our soulmate pet who has been waiting for us all along. If we trust our intuition and follow its lead, we may find joy in adopting another furry friend and building a new relationship full of unconditional love.

Releasing Guilt & Letting Go
At the end of the day, all our beloved pets want us to do is forgive ourselves for any mistakes we made along the way and learn how to let go gracefully so that they can finally rest peacefully in Heaven. There is no use holding onto guilt and regret – instead, focus on embracing the positive memories and carrying forward their loving message wherever life takes you.


No matter how hard it is to lose a beloved pet, there are many things our deceased pet wants us to know that can ultimately bring comfort and peace during this challenging time. By allowing ourselves to remember the good times, remaining open to receive guidance from beyond and cherishing special memories, we can start honoring our pet’s life and create a lasting legacy that celebrates their existence here on Earth.

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