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pre frenchies

Pre Frenchies are the adorable result of a cross between a French Bulldog and a Pug. They’re small, friendly, energetic little dogs with an endearing personality that makes them great companions for all kinds of people. Here we will explore the unique personalities, histories, exercise needs, health considerations, grooming requirements, nutrition needs, common health issues, training tips, tips for finding a reputable breeder, and how to choose the right pre frenchy for you.

Personalities of Pre Frenchies

The pre frenchy is known for its sweet, cheerful and spunky personality. They love being around people and can quickly become protective if they sense danger or an intruder. These dogs are very affectionate and bond closely with their owners. Pre Frenchies have an easygoing nature and get along well with other animals as long as proper introductions are made. With proper socialization and training, they make wonderful family pets.

pre frenchies

History and Origin of Pre Frenchies

The pre frenchy is a hybrid breed created by crossing two beloved companion breeds: the French bulldog and the pug. This mix was likely first bred in the early 2000s when designer dog mixes became popular. Since then, these mixed-breed dogs have gained popularity due to their loving personalities and relatively low-maintenance care requirements.

Exercise Requirements of Pre Frenchies

Though pre frenchies are on the smaller side, they still require regular physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks or playtime outside are necessary for this breed to expend their energy. Their short legs don’t allow them to go too far, so daily walks should be kept fairly short. Of course, plenty of indoor playtime throughout the day will also help your pre frenchy stay active and entertained.

Health Considerations with Pre Frenchies

These pups can inherit health conditions from either parent breed, but they tend to be overall healthier than purebreds because of their hybrid vigor. The most common health problems found in pre frenchies include hip dysplasia, allergies, eye issues, skin fold dermatitis, brachycephalic syndrome (narrowing of the respiratory tract), luxating patellas (kneecap dislocation), reverse sneezing, and stenotic nares (abnormal nasal passage). To reduce the risk of these conditions, only purchase puppies from a responsible breeder who has done genetic testing and screened the parents for any potential health issues.

Grooming Needs of Pre Frenchies

Pre frenchies have short coats that require minimal maintenance. Brush your pup at least once a week to keep their fur free of tangles and mats. Trimming nails every few weeks will help prevent overgrowth and discomfort while walking. Additionally, check your pup’s ears regularly for signs of infection such as redness or discharge and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Finally, brush your pre frenchy’s teeth regularly to avoid dental disease which can cause serious health complications later in life.

Nutrition Requirements for Pre Frenchies

As with all dogs, it is important to feed your pre frenchy a high-quality diet tailored to their specific size and age. Puppies need more calories than adults since they are growing and developing rapidly. Consult your vet about the best type of food for your pup’s individual nutritional needs. As always, be sure to provide fresh water at all times to ensure hydration throughout the day.

Common Health Issues with Pre Frenchies

Due to their brachycephalic faces, pre frenchies may experience certain respiratory issues like difficulty breathing and snoring. Reverse sneezing is also quite common in this breed due to their narrow airways. Eye issues such as entropion or ectropion (inward/outward eyelid rolling) can occur as well as ear infections due to their heavy ear flaps trapping moisture inside the ear canal. If any of these symptoms arise, contact your veterinarian immediately for advice.

Training Tips for Pre Frenchies

Pre Frenchies respond best to positive reinforcement methods such as rewards-based training rather than negative punishment-based techniques. Socialization is key for this breed as early exposure to different people, places, sounds, and experiences helps them build confidence and trust in unfamiliar situations. Early obedience classes can also help teach basic commands and manners that will benefit your pup throughout their lifetime.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Breeder for Pre Frenchies

When looking for a reputable breeder for your pre frenchy puppy, there are several steps you can take to ensure you find one with good breeding practices. Start by researching different breeders online or asking friends for recommendations. Be sure to ask questions about the parents’ health history and look for certifications such as those offered through the American Kennel Club or International Designer Canine Registry. Finally, visit the breeder in person before committing to purchasing a puppy so you can see where they live and meet the puppies yourself!

How to Choose the Right Pre Frenchy For You

Choosing the right pre frenchy comes down to many factors including lifestyle, budget, family dynamics, etc. Consider what kind of environment your pup would thrive in – do you want a calm lapdog or an outgoing adventure buddy? What kind of temperament do you prefer? Also think about whether you’ll have enough time each day to give your pup the attention and exercise they need – consider enlisting a pet sitter if needed. Lastly, research different types of food and determine what fits into your budget – quality nutrition is essential for your pup’s long-term health!


The pre frenchy is an adorable combination of two beloved companion breeds with an incredibly sweet personality. With some patience and dedication, these delightful pups make wonderful family pets and loyal lifelong companions. Understanding their unique exercise needs, health considerations, grooming requirements, nutrition needs, common health issues, training tips, tips for finding a reputable breeder, and how to choose the right pre frenchy for you is key to ensuring your pup lives a long and happy life!

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