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Corgi Ears

With their iconic shape and size, beloved by owners worldwide, and low maintenance needs, Corgi ears are a feature that brings joy to dogs and their owners alike. As the ears are particularly distinctive, and their personality features makes them a popular breed, their ability to bring joy is undeniable. In this post, I will discuss the three benefits of Corgi ears: Iconic Shape & Size, Bringing Joy To Owners, and Low Maintenance. Read on to learn why Corgi ears are beloved by so many.

Benefit #1: Iconic Shape & Size

Corgi ears have a shape and size that make them instantly recognizable to nearly everyone! These floppy, tall ears often extend beyond the top of the head, slightly curved outward at the tips. This iconic feature has been present in their breed since its establishment.

Their ears also serve a practical purpose, as well. Being so large, Corgi ears help to keep the breed warm in cold climates and provide a built-in cooling system in the heat. Because of how large they are, corgis are able to hear even the faintest of noises being made from far distances.

Benefit #2: Recognizable In Media & Art

The recognizable shape and size of Corgi ears has made them into a popular symbol that is seen everywhere from cinemas, to corporate art pieces. Take, for example, the popular film “Thor: Ragnarok,” released in 2017. The main protagonist, Thor, is accompanied by his corgi companion throughout the film, with four ears standing tall against the backdrop of the movie.

Or look at the corporate art pieces produced by various artists. A quickly recognizable portrait of a corgi is often distinguished by its large image of the floppy ears.

Benefit #3: Available In Various Products

The immense popularity of Corgi ears is evident by the many Corgi-themed products available on the market. These include phone cases, mugs, and t-shirts featuring the iconic cartoon characters with their large, floppy ears.

The adorable images of these cartoon dogs with their iconic ears have become an excellent representation of the Corgi breed, making these products a favourite for Corgi owners around the world. Many Corgi owners have even created their own products using these cute images, such as t-shirts and mugs that feature their own dog’s face and ears.

It is clear to see how the unmistakable shape and size of the Corgi ears have created a loyal fan base that continues to show appreciation for the breed. From art, media, and many different types of products, Corgi ears remain one of the breeds most beloved features.

Corgi Ears

Benefit #2: Bringing Joy To Owners

Having a Corgi as a companion brings plenty of joy to its owners. Part of that joy comes from their playful, bouncy ears. Corgi ears are famously known for their intelligence, loyalty and sense of humor.

One owner of a Corgi told a heart-warming story about how their pup’s ears provided comic relief in a stressful situation. They were helping their partner get through a difficult project by listening intently to her rant. The owner watched, amused, as the Corgi’s ears became more and more perky the longer the rant went on.

This is just one of the many stories of how Corgis’ ears bring joy to their owners. Another owner said “Our Corgi’s ears remind us to appreciate life’s small moments and not take ourselves too seriously.”

Corgi owners love to show off their furry friend’s big ears. Whether they’re flopping around during playtime or standing up attentively during mealtime, these loyal companions are always up for some fun. And it’s no wonder that some owners have nicknamed them “plop ears” due to the way their ears flop around their head like outsized hot-air balloons.

Corgis have become popular as social media “celebrities” of sorts because of their comical and endearing ears. They’ve inspired many memes and videos that make people smile. Their owners can’t help but laugh as their pup’s ears perk up when they want to show their enthusiasm or hearing something they like.

Ultimately, Corgis’ ears make their owners smile in so many ways. They can make us feel a little less stressed in difficult moments and appreciate life’s small joys. It’s no wonder that Corgi ears remain a beloved feature of these friendly and loyal pups.

Winking Black and Brown Puppy

Benefit #3: Low Maintenance

Few things are more rewarding than ownership of a dog. But for dog breeds with upright ears, regular trimming of the fur around the ears can be time-consuming and laborious. Corgis are an attractive breed to potential dog owners because their floppy ears don’t require this extra trimming or maintenance. Take Long-Haired Dachshunds, for instance. Because their ears are large and floppy, they require periodic trimming to keep them healthy and clean.

In comparison, Corgis, due to their floppy ear shape, the texture of their fur, and their smaller size, have strikingly low-maintenance ear care. We’ve broken down a few tips on how to care for your Corgi’s floppy ears:

Wipe them Regularly

As with any part of your canine’s body, regular cleaning is essential. Wipe the insides of the ears often with a damp cloth to keep the area clean. Dirty and wet ear canals can cause health problems and just general discomfort. Pay special attention to fur near the ear canal — it can often become matted and clumped, trapping dirt and moisture.

Avoid Excessive Bathing

Sure, regular bathing should be part of every Corgi’s care regimen, but too much soap, water, and shampoo can dry out Corgi’s ears, making them more vulnerable to bacteria, fungi, and ear mites. We recommend keeping baths to every three months and even longer if your Corgi isn’t participating in a lot of activities that get him and his ears dirty.

Corgis are beloved among potential dog owners for their many innate traits, and their low-maintenance ears are no exception. By following the tips listed above, you can ensure your pup’s ears stay healthy and clean for years to come.

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Corgi ears are a wonderful addition to your pup! Not only do they have an iconic shape and size, but they bring joy to their owners and require little to no maintenance. If you’re looking for a unique and cute look, Corgi ears are a great option. You and your pup are sure to love them!

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